Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Tater Tours at Fortress Louisbourg and The Old Town Trail:

Arrival of Tater Tours

Rollie, Don, Ann and Malcolm

Miss Ann and Mr. Malcolm

Barb and Rollie conversing with some of our guest at the info centre.

Back on the bus and heading to the trail head!

The Old Town Trail

The Red Chairs along the trail; these are found through out the national parks

Barb Thistle with three of our visitors.

The town of Louisbourg as seen from Fortress Louisbourg.

"The people of the fortress"

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Anniversary Weekeend - Ingonish

The 80 registered walkers at Warren Lake!

Shirley Cruickshank's, John Cruickshank's and Cal Thistle

The stairway to the look-off at Broad Cove Mountain

The "red chairs" can be found almost anywhere in the national parks

Broad Cove Mountain Look-off

Looking towards Cape Smokey, newest addition to The Highlands National Park

Barb Thistle VP  CBIH and Cal Thistle Pres. CBIH